Basement Secrets

Basement Secret chp1 Roscoe-copyFor days, Belle’s dog Roscoe has been barking at the basement door.  Belle follows Roscoe and discovers a  woman  living downstairs with her little girl. The women  speaks little English. During Belle’s secret late night visits she learns that Elina’s husband disappeared, leaving her with  no money for rent. After days living on the street, she found Belle’s cellar door unlocked. Belle learns  Elina is from Kyrgyzstan where she met her American husband Frank. Eventually Belle’s  brother Zach follows her to the basement and finds out about the strangers and tells his parents. The parents move Elina and Cara upstairs and work to find Elina’s husband. Through a detective, they learn details and he starts a search. After a month, Frank is not found. The parents decide to send the two home to Elina’s family in Kyrgyzstan. During farewells at the airport there is another big surprise.??????

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