Walking Backwards

Lonely and displaced in a senior apartment, 86-year-old Irene finds comfort in a box of old photos. She reminisces about 2 girlfriends who changed the course of her life until tragedy tore apart both friendships.  Audience: adult

Pizza Highway

Anna takes on the DOT to halt a highway bypass that will cut through her small town of Maple View. She creates a community stand-off with a surprising ending. Unexpectedly in the heat of controversy, she finds an ally in a popular boy while losing her best girlfriend.     Audience: tweens


Clare is a ticking time bomb who at 13, has the delicate beauty of a young woman but the troubled mind of a  budding criminal. Struggling to survive the jungle of middle school, she crosses the line in several different ways. She creates a crisis that draws together her parents, a teacher, a drifter, and the entire town.  Audience: young adult, adult

Stand Tall

Bobby Milburn experienced more adventures in his short 36 years than most people find in a lifetime. He moved effortlessly from suburban Chicago to ranch life &rodeo,  to cross country hitch hiking, to veterinarian, to father of 3 before an unexpected adversary took his life.  The antidotes, letters, and journal entries from those who knew him best bring this unlikely hero back to life.  Audience:  All ages, Memoir