Clothesline messages

Clothesline chp 1smallBen, from $100 Cat, returns in this serial with a new and unusual adventure. While riding his bike on a country road with his best friend Nate, he notices a clothesline filled with t-shirts, each with an advertisement or slogan. Picking out a few words on one shirt, he sees a message directed to him. Shortly thereafter, the message plays into an adventure in which he helps a young woman who’s driven into a ditch.

Thus begins a series of messages gleamed from the shirts on the same clothesline over the next couple of months. Each message directs Ben to take a certain action in a future situation. He acts on the advice and then struggles as to whether the message was real or just a coincidence. Because of the strange scenario and his uncertainty, he is unwilling to discuss the experience with anyone. But he is determined to ride out as often as possible to seek the next message and then test the authenticity of it.

Each of the four messages is increasingly significant. The story climaxes when a neighbor child is missing while under the watch of Ben’s mom. The entire community searches in vane for the little girl as the sun sinks toward the horizon. But it is Ben who finally finds her when he puts together the final message.

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