meet Frances

Frances Milburn’s niche as a writer is children’s serials, published in newspapers across the US.  Her 5th story in the series is now available in book form. Having taught in public schools for 26 years, she’s created believable characters with real child dilemmas. Each book has 9 chapters and a colorful illustration with each.

Not only newspapers, but classroom teachers (grades 2 through 7) have used her books, which include free-of-charge, a set of lesson plans to accompany each book. She has presented writing workshops at many schools. “Meeting my young readers is the most fulfilling part of writing for me. Their questions are probing, and their compliments are sincere.”

Milburn continues to teach creative writing and is working on publishing her other four books – (teen, YA, and adult novels). Her stories have been published in the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel and several magazines. Her books are available in local, independent bookstores, and she’s been a featured author at a variety of events, including teacher in-service.

Milburn has a diverse career in education including organizing school/community disaster relief, promoting teen environmental action for which she won a state award, creating a year-long curriculum entitled Tolerance, and founding a cultural club. She taught on the Navajo Reservation and in Huddersfield, England. She also was a recent fellow in the Wisconsin Leadership Program.