Roscoe’s Treasure


Belle’s dog Roscoe brings home a denture bridge (false teeth). Her parents decide they need to find the owner of the denture. But this turns out to be very difficult… until an unexpected event occurs. Read more…



After being gone for several days, Roscoe the family dog returns home, much to the relief of Belle and her family. However, he carries in his mouth an unusual treasure – a set of false teeth. The family tries to imagine how their dog obtained the denture; but more importantly, how they will find the owner.

And so begins a set of hilarious adventures as Belle, her brothers, and her parents try to find the owner of the teeth. The task proves difficult with few leads. Other trials and tribulations occur along the way. For example, Belle’s brother takes the denture to school to show his friends, and they play “keep away” with it. Eventually the owner is found, with a humorous story in and of itself.

A printable teacher’s guide with a summary, preview, vocabulary, questions, and follow up activities, as well as an answer packet is available. School visits are possible. Reading level 3rd grade and above and special education, 9 chapters with 9 illustrations